UPDATE: As of the 6th August our industry is still under review. The only information we do have for stage 4 lockdown is a referral will be required as of the 6th to attend any allied health service. We apologise for the late notice as we have been waiting for confirmation. We have decided to err on the side of caution and close for the rest of this week to allow time for clarification from our association and will be in touch as soon as this happens. 


As of Thursday 23rd of July it is mandatory for all clients and staff to be wearing masks. Please bring your own, and have this on prior to entering the clinic.

If you don’t have a mask, one can be provided by reception at an additional cost.

If this is the case we ask you do not enter the clinic until it is clear of any other patient and reception will provide a mask.

Children under 12 years of age are not legally required to wear one and that decision is left up to the parents and family.

Your temperature will also be taken on arrival and a hand sanitiser is available for you to use before you enter for your treatment.”

Healthwise will continue to be open during these Covid-19 times. Our clinic has been comprehensively cleaned and setup with sneeze screens, non-touch temperature gauge (all staff and clients attending will have their temperature taken) and practitioners are required to use full personal protective equipment at all times.  

We are determined to continue offering our service to the peninsula while ensuring safety to everyone.

Reception will be available or bookings can be made online via the bookings button above. You will need to select each Practitioner to see what times are available. This is due to the reduced contact structure of our new roster.

You will notice the times available will be a little different as we have structured our hours to ensure we follow the 1.5m distancing regulation and do not have more than one person coming and going at a time. So don't be surprised if your appointment is at 2.15 or 4.45!

Please arrive as close to the time as possible to reduce any unnecessary overlap. 

Once restrictions lift we will be able to offer more flexibility with the length of appointment times, however at this stage appointments will need to remain as 60min or 120min only. We appreciate your support and patience throughout this time. 

Once again we please ask ...... You don’t attend the clinic if your showing any signs or symptoms of a temperature, cough, sore throat, any cold and flu symptoms or have been in contact with anyone suffering from covid-19.

We look forward to once again treating your aches and pains!



Healthwise Therapies